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Submitted: 8/27/14

Seth K., Westbury, NY

"Was worth every penny."

Submitted: 8/21/14

Keith D., San Francisco, CA

"Fast, efficient, creative and the price was just right"

First off, I want to say that the final logo, final name they came up with, and the back & forth unlimited attempts at their team working with you to come up with a final branding solution I was ultimately happy with, was worth every penny. 5 stars for that.



- I really LOVE the final brand name and logo we came up with (you can see that name & logo here:

- You do need to have patience and go into this expecting to get some unusable names, but if you are demanding and pushy, you will get something you like.

- Their design team is very prompt & creative. I was able to get an awesome logo with much less back and forth rather quickly.


Do recommend.

Submitted: 06/02/14

Cesie A., Long Beach, CA

"My new name and logo are excellent"

For less than $200 bucks I got two logos and names just as good or better than some of my big budget competitors. Service was good, response time was quick, and my new name and logo are excellent, can't recognize these guys enough!

Submitted: 03/28/14

Travis S., Phoenix, AZ

"We couldn't be happier with our branding experience"

I chose to use Branditory because it is tough to come up with a creative, catchy name and even tougher to design a logo for that new name. In an internet search, I found that Branditory could take care of both. We ended up doing three batches of names, four names in each batch. We ultimately came back to one of the names given to us in the first batch. The name hadn't really jumped out at us, but once we ran it by family and friends, we decided on that name. At this point, the guys at Branditory sent it to the design team and that's when they tapped it out of the park. We received two logos in the first batch and the second one really jumped off the page. We showed our friends and family the two options and most agreed with us that the second one was the way to go. We couldn't be happier with our branding experience and the turnaround time was right around two weeks. I would highly recommend Branditory!

I stumbled across Branditory after doing a google search on how to name my real estate business. I was convinced, so I gave them a shot. They came back to me the next day with 4 initial ideas for my real estate business, and while I was impressed, nothing stuck. A couple rounds later they came up with a fantastic name that had a matching domain available. We moved forward to the logo design, and the initial ideas we're great. Just a few color and font changes and I was on my way. The staff at Branditory was fast, efficient, creative and the price was just right. I highly recommend Branditory's services.

Submitted: 04/18/14

Mr. S., Walnut, CA

"I've gotten so many compliments and I have to owe...

A couple of months ago, I had a great idea for a startup company, but had too many ideas for a name. I wrote down a list of different combinations of certain words, asked friends and consulted with some of them on what sounded the best.


Ouch, that was a huge time-waster because everyone had different opinions and good reasons on why they chose a certain combination of words to be the name of my startup.


Honestly, I was getting so sick of coming up with that "perfect" name that would be pleasing for everyone, but that's when I found Branditory online. When I contacted Branditory, they explained to me the different services they provided and even brainstormed ideas about my idea. That was pretty awesome and totally unexpected. I ended up agreeing to the perfect name for my startup and also having them design a very simple yet sophisticated logo for my new business.


I've gotten so many compliments and I have to owe it to Branditory for helping me! Thanks guys!

Submitted: 01/29/16

Stewart P., Orange, CA

"Good stuff!"

Going out on my own with an insurance practice and I hired Branditory to do the branding. I took off one star because I their initial ideas weren't so great... but when I gave them my feedback they came back with the perfect name.

Submitted: 03/31/16

Elizabeth M., Santa Ana, CA

"They delivered!"

Submitted: 02/10/16

Laura C., Raleigh, NC

"Overall good experience"

I came to Branditory with a business name and seeked helped with a business logo. Their price was the best I found as it included unlimited revisions. I had previously tried a different company and their designs were elementary, seemed almost like clip art. However, Branditory was a different story. They delivered! They were very patient with me and I found through this process that I was a bit more selective than what I thought but they were always understanding and provided me with new design ideas within a few days. I explained to them what I was looking for and usually hit the mark every time. Overall I had about 20 designs and ultimately went with 1 that I felt represented my company best. I would definitely seek them out again for future business ventures.

I had an overall good experience with Branditory but for a reason you might not expect. After a few rounds of attempted name creation, I realized that the service wouldn't be a good fit for my business (nutrition consulting) and I requested a refund. They gave me the refund promptly, with no questions asked (I requested on a Friday and received it on Monday).

So ultimately, I'd recommend the company since I'm sure there are plenty of other customers who are able to get a great business name from the service, and I am happy that I don't feel like I wasted any money on an ultimately unproductive partnership.

Submitted: 07/11/14

Frank J., Alamed, CA

"I fully recommend Branditory for new business owners!"

Submitted: 07/22/14

Mike L., Raleigh, NC

"These guys are definitely winners in my book"

Starting our business was a very hard task. Luckily, Branditory made it easier. They helped us give our business a name that grabs the attention of the public, giving us a broader customer base. We were very pleased with our website. Their branding team was very clever with the domain name and the web design was amazing. There is no way we could have done it without them. We were most pleased with our logo design. It represents our company's purpose very well, and we are proud to have it as our brand. I fully recommend Branditory for new business owners!

These guys are definitely winners in my book. I've know some people who have used their naming services and had great experiences each time. I've been planning my own business for a while now and when the time comes, I'm glad to know I've found a great place to work with. These guys know how to work with the clients to create the best, most powerful, most SEO-able name for your business.

Submitted: 08/19/16

Julie B., Kansas City, MO

"All in all, great experience"

Very great experience with these guys. They really know what they're talking about, they walked me through all of my concerns regarding trademarks, DBAs, registering my business and even brand positioning. They have a tough job, not a lot of great domains available out there, but they pulled through. The graphic designers they have at Branditory are just as good as the naming team, if not better. None of that cheap crap from India, these guys are available by phone and speak perfect English ( guessed it, they're American). I love keeping my dollars in the this country, so I felt even better about supporting American business that doesn't outsource creative overseas. All in all, great experience.

Submitted: 08/16/14

John G., Salt Lake City, UT

"Keep up the good work. You are awesome!"

Well Folks: I have read some good reviews about Branditory and I'll have to say that I've had a very good experience with them so far. I have not always been able to respond to them promptly and they have been very patient, and in the process they have yielded some great results. They did not always agree with my ideas, and in the process I have been able to get my thoughts directed in a much more productive way and we have come up with excellent results so far. In the event that I need further assistance I'm not going anywhere else for help. In short they are great and without doubt they are on my side. Keep up the good work. You are awesome!

Submitted: 08/08/16

Kate B., Beaufort, NC

"Easy, inexpensive, and professional"

Our board for our non-profit tried for nearly 5 months and could not come up with a name that everyone agreed upon, or even came close to a census.  Therefore I did a search online and found Branditory.  We were not head over heals for their first round of names, but they gave us a few more and we loved the name of Valiant View Foundation for our non-profit low vision resource center that helps the visually impaired become independent.  Additionally, they created a logo, beautiful and met our expectations -- all of our expectations.  Next we asked for a slogan to further clarify our mission statement and they came up with "Confidence. Independence. Ability."  Again, right on target!  As a non-profit in Eastern Carolina, in a beach town, they created a logo that showed soaring birds over a windy path.  Like a beach path.  Perfect!  Our board of directors is thrilled, and finally is unanimous in voting in the name, logo and slogan.  Easy, inexpensive, and professional.  just what we needed! Thank you Branditory!

Submitted: 07/12/15

Alberto P., Santa Ana, CA

"Boy, what an experience"

During my google searching I came across Branditory and boy what an experience.  I must first say that everyone is entitled to their opinion and experience but my firm belief is the negative reviews on here are from customers who didn't follow directions.  From the very first step, Branditory made it clear what to expect and how to address each phase.  We went thru a few phases until we landed on the perfect name for my company.  A few phases on the logo and we mastered it.  The slogan followed and a few phases later boo-ya we landed the slogan.  The Design Team and everyone else is beyond ready to help.  They will continue to work for you until you got the name, logo, and/or slogan you want; key point is to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS from the start.  The best part is even after the work completion I have had to go back to Branditory to request the addition of the trademark "TM" symbol and they have gladly responded!  (Trademarking my name, logo, and slogan) I would and will be a returning customer!  Highly recommend under one condition; follow directions from the start so you get the best.

Submitted: 06/12/15

Valisa M., Foothill Ranch, CA

"A big thank you goes out to everyone at Branditory"

CJ and his team of experts were exactly what I needed to rebrand my business.  I had an idea of what I wanted and they took it to another level!  I was very impressed with their fast turn around on each revision and their patience for getting my business name and logo as I envisioned it.  I will definitely refer them out to other business associates that need this type of service.  A big thank you goes out to everyone at Branditory that worked on our account!

Submitted: 06/03/15

Angela M., Lockport NY

"I would absolutely use them again in the future"

I chose Branditory to help me find a name and logo for my small soap business. They came up with a unique awesome logo and name for me. The Branditory team was great to work with and very patient with me.. I am still emailing them with questions and they promptly email me back with the answers. I would absolutely use them again in the future.. I highly recommend Branditory!!

Submitted: 07/25/15

Kati B., Boulder, CO

"Both cheap, fast, AND good!"

You know that saying: "Cheap, Fast, and Good, Pick Two"  Because you can't have a service that is all three of those things? Like if it's good and fast it won't be cheap, and if it's cheap and fast it won't be good? Well Branditory somehow broke this universal law, because they came up with a name and logo for my new design business that was both cheap, fast, AND good!


When I first saw their pricing I was like "What!?!? How can they offer a name and logo, with unlimited revisions for $169? That's insane. They are definitely going to lose money on me. I'm super picky."


But it only took about three revisions to come up with the name, and about five to come up with the logo. I gave them very detailed feedback after each revision and we landed on a name and logo I was happy with after just over two weeks, which I was very happy with.  Most branding companies charge an order of magnitude more for similar services, and will take much longer than two weeks. I would recommend Branditory to anyone who needs a name or logo for their venture.


Tips for having a good experience:  Know what you want going into it. Do your homework, know what your business stands for and what kind of feel you want the name and logo to have.  Branding is also your responsibility, get the potential names out in front of your customers and get their first impressions. Give the Branditory team detailed, honest feedback about what's working and not working.  Be patient. You get unlimited revisions, so don't settle until it's just what you want.

Submitted: 07/01/15

Danielle C., Aliso Viejo, CA

"I highly recommend them"

What a great service. I am a very picky person, and the EXPERTS at Branditory never got frustrated with my endless amount of revisions I requested. Their turnaround time was quick, and they were very friendly and knowledgeable. I was unable to reach them a couple of times, but I called outside of their 10am-3pm customer service hours. Just leave them a voice mail and they will get back to you the next morning. Also the Branditory graphic designers are simply outstanding, I even paid extra for them to do my business cards. Go check them out, I highly recommend them.

Submitted: 06/11/15

Charles M., Little Elm, TX

"If you are a start-up and don't have $5,000, these are your...

I came across Branditory through an internet search for a branding company. The cost for their services is very reasonable and gives you unlimited name and logo revisions. We went through a few rounds of naming and finally settled on one. In addition, they came up with several logo suggestions at no additional cost. Their turn around time is outstanding and are willing to work with you even when not sure what you want!  If you are a start-up and don't have $5,000 to spend on names and logos, these are your friends! I will use them again and again. There internal processes and workflow seem to work quite well, they were well organized and responsive.

Submitted: 05/30/15

Helen S., Plano, TX

"So happy with how things turned out!!"

Branditory was a pleasure to work with. They delivered everything they said they would -- on time. I made several edits/additions to the logo and card design and they were always very positive.  I'm so happy with the logo and the cards - lots of added value. I would not have come up with all this on my own. I found their name on Google just messing around.  So happy with how things turned out!!

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